Cemburu Seorang Perempuan

Cemburu Seorang Perempuan Episod 20 Video

Look forward to Cemburu Seorang Perempuan Episod 20 the adaptation of Siti Hazneza’s novel A Woman’s Jealous in Astro Ria’s Mega Drama slot. Starring Amar Baharin, Amyra Rosli and Emma Maembong. Meet the audience this September.

Cemburu Seorang Perempuan Episod 20

TITLE: Cemburu Seorang Perempuan
EPISODE: 20 episodes
DATE OF RELEASE: September 2019
Airtime: Mon-Thurs, 10 pm
TV broadcast: Astro Ria & Astro Ria HD
NOVELIST: Siti Hazneza Abdul Hamid
DIRECTOR: Eyra Rahman
PRODUCT: Global Station Sdn Bhd
COVER: Amar Baharin, Amyra Rosli, Emma Maembong, Bella Dowanna, Dini Schatzmann, Fauzi Nawawi, Lisdawati, Mior Darwish

It’s not hard to marry two, Dhiya ‘, if the second one is you. May the second one be as full as you are. Wife, on your face there is a paradise within which flows smoothly and occasionally I miss it, but at times, I am often unable to fulfill it.


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