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Sweet Dreams Acik Lana

Today I want to review my new novel … Sweet Dreams from Lana’s latest novel Sweet Dreams, and one of my favorite authors. It could be said that there is a novel by Lana Lana .. I will. except for the novel I Love Most (PYAP). Haa .. the novel is not there, and I don’t think I will be able to read it except for a little story I can enjoy near the blog of Lana Lana. .. the ending she doesn’t know .. because Uncle Lana says she wants to know why she bought the novel! The thing is, when I was looking for it, the novel was a rarity .. and the price was on the market for so much! Never mind .. (face to face).

Ok .. back to this Sweet Dreams story .. a relaxing story. The writing style is a bit out of the ordinary. While dealing with the world of this novel, it is common to read novels that combine Malay and English into one story. Lana’s aunt doesn’t miss it, but it’s a bit unusual to find words that are either long in English or English, (often English) have been shortened and used in this novel. For example “your all” has been shortened to “uolls”. I was shocked when I found this word in a novel by Lana Lana. Flee from the habit of a writer with a big name in the world of love novels. It is possible to “beautify” and make a difference from a previous novel!

Mira Filzah Sweet Dreams

Going back to the Sweet Dreams novel .. as I wrote earlier, this is a relaxing story. The story of a painter named Qash Adam who always dreamed of bad things that would befall those close to him. And because the frequency of the dream happened, it made her more efficient to anticipate when and where it would happen! Dreaming that he was living apart and causing him to be separated from his family and worsening his situation, Qash Adam is now alone after losing both of his parents in an accident, something he never had a ‘hint’ at when he lost both of his parents in an accident car! And so, Qash Adam was blamed. Depressed despite being brought up by a caring grandfather, Qash Adam had to rely on sleeping pills to keep him sane !. Unable to endure the pressure that led him to Kuala Lumpur to pursue a career as a street painter and eventually succeed as a famous painter and the mystery of his life!

Over the years Qash Adam limited his relationship with outsiders, built his own career as a famous painter, better known in the world of painting by the name of Q Adam, the mystery of his life made Qash’s work very valuable. Qash relationships with humans are limited to 4 people only !. Mr Lee- his agent sells his paintings, Fieza-PA very much values ​​him and the only intermediary between him and the outside world! As well as two housewives and housekeepers who come to pack and prepare a daily meal. Unfortunately, his life habits began to “run away” when Qash Adam dreamed of seeing the bad things that would happen to the Princess! A woman she doesn’t even recognize!
Her name is Princess .. a “clumsy” girl. Working as a PA is an old boss at a publishing company! and bullying a colleague. For a Princess colleague, the presence of the Princess further complicates the ceremony and tarnishes the reputation of the company.
And because of that, Princess is weird when she finds a series of “heavy” accidents that suddenly have a superhero saving her! The princess doesn’t even recognize the superhero who is categorically handsome but arrogant! Fearful and fearful, things get worse when the task taken to save Princess’s career is threatened by a sexy and handsome secretary named Melissa, who is trying to take over Princess, by persuading Q Adam to cover their company magazine!
As the couch persuades Q Adam, who is held at Qash’s house, the Princess is shocked and begins to realize that Qash is Q Adam. And the Princess was shocked to find a portrait of a woman in a sexy dress and very much like herself and it was a handmade Qash!


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