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Tonton Lelakimu Yang Dulu Episode 5 Tv3 Drama Video

Tonton Lelakimu Yang Dulu Episode 5 Tv3 Drama Video Look forward to Farah Darianna’s adaptation of the novel ‘Your Old Man’ in the TV3 Acacia slot. Featuring a pair of Sharnaaz Ahmad and Nelydia Lelakimu Yang Dulu Episode 5 Senrose. It airs September 19, 2019, every Monday to Friday at 7pm on TV3.

Lelakimu Yang Dulu Episode 5

TITLE: Lelakimu Yang Dulu
EPISODE: 28 episodes
DATE OF RELEASE: September 19, 2019
AIR TIME: Mon-Fri, 7:00 pm
TV broadcast: TV3 Acacia slots
NOVEL WRITER: Farah Darianna
SCRIPTURE WRITERS: Rozie Rahid & Amka Ahmad
DIRECTOR: Eoon Shuhaini
PRODUCTS: Mache All Star United Sdn Bhd
PICTURES: Sharnaaz Ahmad, Nelydia Senrose, Arryyan Petra, Redza Rosli, Reen Rahim, Nadia Brian, Ungku Hariz, Azizah Mahzan, Riz Amin, Syafnida Shuhaimi, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, Dian P.Rlee, Omar Abdullah, Rosnah Johari, Hamidah Wahab


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